Welcome to PLAIT

We designed the Phenotyping Lymphomas with an Artificial Intelligence Toolbox – welcome to PLAIT.

PLAIT is intended to be used by medical professionals who are familiar with diagnostic immunophenotyping of B cell Non Hodgkin Lymphomas (B-NHL). For another viewpoint on your data, feel free to try out our explainable artificial intelligence, FlowXAI. While it has been trained with real-world diagnostic conditions, PLAIT is not intended to be used in diagnostic procedures. The platform does not require any technical knowledge in advance.

The design of an explainable AI, which is capable of B-NHL immunophenotyping was a research project of the Philipps-University Marburg in Germany. The FlowXAI was developed by IAP-GmbH Intelligent Analytics Projects as part of a partnership.

The technical and scientific details regarding the XAI have been published and are available open source or on request (References).

For further information please consult our About PLAIT section.

In order to use PLAIT we need to register your contact data in order to create a personal account with your institutional email address. With your account you will be able to submit files as well as access your request tickets and corresponding analysis at any time and from any location. Note that PLAIT is not currently certified to store patient information that is not de-identified.

For more information please see the manual.